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Neighbors helping Neighbors

Using real-time location to connect people for quick completion of tasks.

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About I Need a Hand

This app is 100% FREE. Our goal is that 100% of the money paid by the customer goes to the service provider.
“Neighbors Helping Neighbors.”

Find nearby help fast

Customers can see on a map who’s available nearby, right-now, to help-out with a wide range of services with no cost to use the app.

Face to Gig economy

Make money when you want. Choose when you are available. Registration is fast and easy. Potential customers will see you on-line and ready to work.

Privacy and Security

Keep private your exact location with “pinned” and limit the work area radius with our patent pending technology.


Why "I Need a Hand?"

Designed with focus on convenience

INAH On-demand home services application provides all the gig economy service connections for free.

Quick registration

Easy to set-up an account, easy to register as service provider or customer.

Real-time Notifications

Know within minutes if a service provider is available and track on-line travel to gig location.

All-in-One Portal

Application has been designed with the intend of providing you the flexibility of choosing between the oportunity to recieve services as well as provide them.

Customer Portal

You can easily identify near by hands through maps to recieve various services that suits your needs anytime.

Service Provider Portal

You can choose to volunteer or earn money in your leisure time easily by providing services in various areas within your expertise.


Flexibility of the application enables to recieve services any time, anywhere at your preferred price range.

Payment felxibility

Both parties can arrange for flexible payment methods, that fits them both.


Range of location can be limited to your preferred radius, ensuring your own privacy.

What is I Need a Hand?

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I Need a Hand serves as platform to connect service providers and customers to create a market comprised of variety of services.

Latest News

Learn about various developments in progress for release, annoucements, news coverage about I Need a Hand and stay up-to-date!

Get It Now

You can down the latest version of I Need a Hand in both IOS and Android platforms.


If you have more questions, feel free to contact us! More information in regards to features of the application can be found within I Need a Hand.

  • How do I know what jobs are available?
    You can use the filter feature built-in the application to narrow down the types of providers in your area.
  • Is the service available in my area?
    I Need a Hand is currently in beta Stage available within the area of Plymouth, Canton and Northville cities in Michigan. Stay tuned to learn more upcoming expansion to your nearby area.
  • What is the radius of available chores I can complete as a Provider?
    User can restrict the range of visbility of their service provider to esnure their privacy. In adddition, service provider can restrict INAH from showing their exact location before work acceptance.
  • How do I determine the cost of services I provide?
    Service providers can determine the rate of their service by calculating the cost of providing the service and checking the current market price. Checkout out the blog by patriot software for in-depth guide to determining the true cost.
  • How Do I become a service provider?
    User can select whether to be a service provider or servcie reciever at their convenience within "edit profile" section.